J. Edgar Hoover’s Dogs

Spee De Bozo, J. Edgar Hoover's Airedale. Aspin Hill Memorial Park.
Spee De Bozo, J. Edgar Hoover’s Airedale. Aspin Hill Memorial Park.

J. Edgar Hoover was, among other things, devoted to his dogs.  His first, Spee De Bozo, was so beloved that Hoover kept his photograph on his desk at work.  When Spee De Bozo died in 1934, Hoover buried him in Aspin Hill Memorial Park.  Accompanied by three of his aides, he watched as his beloved Airedale was lowered into the ground.  He told the cemetery groundskeeper, “This is one of the saddest days of my life.”

Over the years, Hoover buried six more of his dogs at Aspin Hill, the last in 1964.  Spee De Bozo was the only dog whose name is inscribed on the monument over the Hoover plot.  Although the director of the FBI seldom visited the cemetery himself, employees of the agency were known to check in on the grave site from time to time.  J. Edgar Hoover died in 1972 and is buried in Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C.


In Memory of 
Spee De Bozo.  
Born July 3, 1922.  
Died May 24, 1934.  
Our Best Friend


Aspin Hill Memorial Park
N 39° 4.737 W 77° 4.631

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